Embodied Wisdom Training for Healers, Teachers and Leaders in the Community

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6-9PM, Vali Soul Sanctuary, Boulder, CO

Are you a healer, teacher or leader in your community? Are you sensitive or empathic? Do you find yourself…

  • Overextending

  • Being porous and taking on your client’s energy

  • Depleted after a few sessions

  • Putting your needs last                                                      

  • Wondering how you’re going to keep up with it all


Are you wishing you had better self-care boundaries, so you can…                                                                     

  • Be fed and nourished energetically

  • Have time and energy to feel vital and present

  • Begin, go through and end your work day feeling mentally and emotionally free                                               

  • Feel carried and buoyant from the inside

  • Live your life feeling empowered, grateful and inspired

You can learn skills to create a life of enjoyment, depth and balance while you follow your calling to be of service. You can have plenty of energy for your additional passions at the end of your day. This is easier than you probably think it is.

This training will include direct exercises, group practice and small group experiences. We will work with presence, intuition, sensing, breathwork, energy anatomy basics, mapping the mental / emotional / body connection and more.  Practices will be given for deepening learning in between classes.

Each class will include a full 1.5 hour guided breathwork journey using circular-connected breathing.

Space is limited to 20 people.

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In this 6-week class series you’ll learn, integrate and embody the skills you need to stay healthy, energized and clear.  Through direct experiencing, learn to make right use of your …

So you can enjoy…  

  • Well-being                                                                

  • Fruitful living  

  • Thriving heart presence

  • Relaxed, present moment awareness

  • Drawing in your ideal clientele

  • Energy

  • Emotions

  • Boundaries

  • Thoughts

  • Body

  • Breath

  • Attention      

The Six Weeks by Themes:

Week One: Mapping the Mental, Emotional, Body, Spirit Connection

Understand the inter-relationship of your mind, emotions, body and spirit. Learn how to navigate harmoniously between these elements. Learn “Energy Anatomy” basics.

Week Two: Handling Your Emotions

Learn to interpret and address the energy of your emotions, what they are conveying and how to access the potent, pure life force behind them so you can have greater energy and less drama.

Week Three: Thinking versus Present Moment Awareness

Discern the difference between when you are thinking and when you are present. Learn the importance of recognizing and managing your thoughts and sensing in to your body to bring you in to a state of presence.

Week Four: Running Your Energy and Keeping It Clean for Healthy Self Care

Practice running your energy, learn how to keep it flowing when you need it and how to leave work at work.  Learn what you can do to stay strong and healthy during boundary challenges. Apply boundaries from the inside and out. If you’re a sponge this is for you.  

Week Five: The Power of Your Intuition                                                                                                                     

A deep dive into your intuition and how this guidance system supports you personally and professionally.  Access and develop a relationship of trust in your intuition.

Week Six: Employing Helpful Processes and Ceremonies                                                                                                              

Learn basic tools to help you navigate the energies you are living.  Learn basic “ceremony” to enlist spiritual allies and align with your Higher Self.

You will walk away from Embodied Wisdom Training:

-Feeling empowered and informed on how to live from thriving

-Trusting in your intuition and body knowledge to help guide your choices

-Knowing how to keep it clean by applying the importance of integrity at all times

You’ll be equipped with:

Conscious Breathwork - Learn how to guide yourself though circular-connected breathing journey’s

Processes to use - tools to help you navigate the process you are living

Basic Ceremony -  ceremony enlists spiritual allies & aligns you with your Higher Self

Level One: Living by Intuition - learning to turn within for answers for every area of your life

Lead Trainers:

Danae Shanti, Founder of Danae Shanti Thrive

Danae shifted her life from feeling lost, depressed and empty by coming in to a vivid, living relationship with her Intuition. She has since followed the inner voice of guidance to illuminate the path and choices before her, leading to the fulfillment of her dreams.  Danae coaches people worldwide through her School of Intuition, Breathwork, Ceremony and Sound. She is the Founder of Danae Shanti Thrive and Singing Children Home. Her Living by Intuition Coaching Program trains individuals to use their voice of intuition for personal and professional success. Danae’s Apprenticeship Program generates successful Professional Intuitives who open private practices and make the world a better place!  www.danaeshantithrive.com

Inner Light Revival.jpg

Lindsay and Danny Balgooyen, Founders of Inner Light Revival

Lindsay used this powerful breathing technique to heal her chronic migraines of 22 years. She co-facilitates with her brother Danny, and they believe that our breath is one of the most effective healing tools available to us. They are passionate about spreading this simple yet deeply transformative method, and hope to inspire others to realize their own innate healing potential. They have trained under the Rebirthing lineage with Sondra Ray, Danae Shanti, Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris, and Chandra Andrea Polyak.  They lead workshops and retreats around the world and are based in Boulder, CO. www.innerlightrevival.com

Investment:  $397

  • 6 full breathwork journeys ($270 value) with Inner Light Revival founders Lindsay and Danny Balgooyen

  • 6 master trainings from the apprenticeship program ‘Living by Intuition’, with founder of Danae Shanti Thrive ($270 value)

  • A training with tools that will last you a lifetime

  • Preventative measures for dis-ease caused by overextending

    Space is limited to 20 people. Pre-registration suggested by Sept 17th

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Payment Plan Option: 3 payments of $146

  • If payment plan requested add additional $41 for total of $438

  • payments due 9/17, 10/17, 11/5

Email Lindsay at innerlightrevival@gmail.com to set up payment plan