“When I signed up for the Inner Light Revival six week series I really had no idea what to expect. I had done a few breathwork sessions with various groups and had experienced a range of emotions from extreme pain to great joy. What are the most incredible parts of the six week series however is the noticeable progress that I made. I struggled quite a bit with a few relationships in my life and found answers to problems that I could not have found without breathing with Lindsay. From an extreme sense of calm when I am dealing with stressful situations to learning how to go back to sleep when I am stressed at night, I will use the tools I learned in the breathwork series for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to continue working with Lindsay so that I can develop my own practice. She is an incredible leader and made a group of strangers feel like sisters within a few short hours of our first session. I was also extremely impressed by her ability to bring specialists from around the community to teach us their expert tricks. Thank you so much for this gift of breath!”

-Sarah Albert, Steamboat Springs, CO