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Red Moon Circle Intro Workshop w/ Alicia Patterson


In this class we will cover:
- the pelvic floor and its role in pelvic and overall physical & emotional health
- the optimal placement of the reproductive organs of the uterus, ovaries, and bladder and how to use awareness and self-care to prevent long-term health challenges such as prolapse, incontinence, weakness, pain with sex, and more
- a tangible and digestible practice for you to do on your own to increase your own pelvic awareness and presence
- Question & Answer and resources

** I will be offering a special savings off of the price of my introduction package for pelvic work, for anyone who comes to the class

BIO: Alicia Patterson, MA, LPC, R-DMT, CYT, LMT is a somatic psychotherapist and bodyworker. Alicia has been working in the healing / self-awareness field for over 10 years. Alicia now focuses her work on somatic counseling, embodiment, and holistic pelvic care. Alicia has coined her own model of self-inquiry and empowerment fusing therapeutic work with a transformative model of pelvic floor / uterine placement / energy work called "The Way of Inner Power". If you would like to be on Alicia's mailing list, please send her an email at and please look out for program launches coming up.


Investment: $20 ($25 day of)

Spots are limited to 11 women, please pre-register

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