Heal Your Headaches 6-week Series w/Private Sessions (Option 3)

Heal Your Headaches 6-week Series w/Private Sessions (Option 3)

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Take a journey into the powerful breathwork practice that Lindsay used to heal her headaches in just 2 weeks — circular-connected breathing. Re-pattern conditioned ways of being and incorporate simple daily wellness practices that can transform all areas of your life.

A guided self-healing system to help you identify the message of your pain through:

  • 4 Live Online Conscious Breathwork journeys

  • Yogic techniques/Self care

  • Emotional/trauma release

  • Lifestyle awareness and tracking tools

  • Guided Meditations

  • Group support and resource sharing

The full package includes:

  • 6-week online course for self healing

  • 4 live online breathwork journeys w/ Lindsay

  • 3 private sessions with Lindsay (in-person or Skype)

In the private sessions you will receive a customized plan for your unique situation for areas such as diet, daily routines, supplements, limited thoughts and beliefs, etc. This will bring you to 7 full breathwork journeys, where typically major shifts and healing occur. Keep in mind that these shifts can also happen in just one session!

Another benefit of this package is that by the end you will have gone though enough sessions to start practicing the technique on your own, and also in water. It is advised to do 7-10 guided dry sessions before you move to the water. The water is even more powerful and our subconscious mind becomes much more permeable. Since it can trigger associations of being in the womb, trauma from this time is naturally released. The session can be done simply in a bathtub and only takes around 30 minutes. Read more about water sessions HERE.

The private session still works wonderfully via Skype. The most important thing is that someone is there making you are keeping consistent with the breath and guiding you through intense situations. When someone is offering their loving presence holding a safe container and witnessing us, our being will relax and open up so much more compared to being along or in a group setting.

Please inquire about in-person sessions if you are in the Boulder, CO or Muskegon, MI area.


Week 1: Internal Exploration

  • Your “story” (ie: thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, etc)

  • Uncovering core beliefs

  • Self talk

  • Headache types

  • Taking back your power

  • Breathwork Journey

Week 2: External Exploration

  • Headache History

  • Common triggers

  • Tracking

  • Habits

  • Support in easing off meds

Week 3: Back 2 Balance

  • Sleep

  • Posture

  • Breath patterns

  • Vagus nerve stimulation

Week 4: Hands-on Healing & Self-care

  • Self massage

  • Self-care techniques and routines

Week 5: 4 Bodies- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

  • Uncovering trauma

  • Mind-body-spirit connection

Week 6: Integration

  • Continuing habits

  • Partner processing


“The Conscious Breathwork I have done with Lindsay Balgooyen has been life-changing. After more than half a century of anxiety and a warped relationship with time, the simple act of  breathing correctly is helping me live a more peaceful and present life.  And it's always available to me, always free. Lindsay's caring and compassionate way of teaching is gentle and effective; I am most grateful.”

-Susan Mead, M.H. Certified Yoga and Essentrics Instructor, Herbalist and Author of Take Back Your Body. SusanEMead.com, Steamboat Springs, CO

My first ever breathwork session was held by Lindsay, and it was life changing! I had no idea that our breath is so powerful. I felt a big transformation throughout the evening. I cried, laughed, released, and healed. I can not wait to experience that again.

-Katie Anderson, Denver, CO

Breathwork has completely changed my experience in this life. It is incredibly empowering, deeply relaxing and so good for your mental, physical & emotional health. I walked into my first breathwork session having no expectations or preconceptions about what would take place. In retrospect, it was one of the most singularly life changing experiences I've ever had.

-Rachel Slagh, Founder of Breath & Body Bird, Steamboat Springs, CO

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