Heal your Headaches Online 6-week Series (Option 1)

Heal your Headaches Online 6-week Series (Option 1)

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A 6-week online transformational journey to activate your innate healing system and uncover the root cause of headaches

Starting Mon. April 22nd, 2019

Take a journey into the powerful breathwork practice that Lindsay used to heal her headaches in just 2 weeks — circular-connected breathing. Re-pattern conditioned ways of being and incorporate simple daily wellness practices that can transform all areas of your life.

A guided self-healing system to help you identify the message of your pain through:

  • 1 Live Online Conscious Breathwork journey

  • Yogic techniques/Self care

  • Emotional/trauma release

  • Lifestyle awareness and tracking tools

  • Guided Meditations

  • Group support and resource sharing

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Internal Exploration

  • Your “story” (ie: thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, etc)

  • Uncovering core beliefs

  • Self talk

  • Headache types

  • Taking back your power

  • Breathwork Journey

Week 2: External Exploration

  • Headache History

  • Common triggers

  • Tracking

  • Habits

  • Support in easing off meds

Week 3: Back 2 Balance

  • Sleep

  • Posture

  • Breath patterns

  • Vagus nerve stimulation

Week 4: Hands-on Healing & Self-care

  • Self massage

  • Self-care techniques and routines

Week 5: 4 Bodies- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

  • Uncovering trauma

  • Mind-body-spirit connection

Week 6: Integration

  • Continuing habits

  • Partner processing

Upgrade to Option 3-Heal Your Headaches w/Private Sessions: Includes 3 Private Breathwork Sessions with Lindsay + 4 One Hour Online Group Breathwork Journeys w/Lindsay

Investment: $372 add on

Upgrade to Option 2- Heal Your Headaches Experience: Includes 4 One Hour Online Group Breathwork Journeys

Investment: $49 add on

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