Breathwork for Headaches

Heal pain at the root cause through releasing energetic blockages with circular/connected breathing


You are invited to join a community of individuals who have come together with a shared intention to uncover our own innate healing abilities.

Join us every other Monday night for a FREE guided Breathwork Journey

  • Breathe in community for 1 hour via Zoom and get to the root cause of your pain.

  • Bonus video from Lindsay on other techniques for healing chronic headaches.

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Upgrade to private sessions with Lindsay

In the private sessions you will receive a customized plan for your unique situation for areas such as breathing patterns, diet, daily routines, supplements, limited thoughts and beliefs, etc. It is highly recommended to commit to the 10 session arc, where a full energy cycle is likely to come to completion. Keep in mind that these shifts can also happen in just one session!


The one-on-one experience is a sacred space for you to feel heard in your own process of awakening and healing. Lindsay offers a gentle and compassionate container for whatever is in your highest good, anything from verbal processing, somatic healing, breathwork, etc. She offers from her 22 years experience with chronic headaches and a decade of study in breathwork, subconscious re-programming, women’s health, and more. It is her mission to inspire the belief that we are our own greatest healer, and to support that process for others with loving presence.

It is recommended to commit to the 10-session arc, where a full energy cycle is likely to come to completion. To truly release emotional blockages we must feel safe and supported and be assisted through other specific techniques to uncover whatever is hiding in our subconscious. 

Another benefit of this approach is that by the end you will have gone though enough sessions to start practicing the technique on your own, and also in water. It is advised to do 8-10 guided dry sessions before you move to the water. The water is even more powerful because our subconscious mind becomes much more permeable. Since it can trigger associations of being in the womb, trauma from this time is naturally released. The session can be done simply in a bathtub and only takes around 30 minutes. Read more about water sessions HERE.

The private session works wonderfully via Skype. It makes all of the difference when someone is present to make sure you are keeping consistent with the breath and guiding you through intense situations. When a facilitator is holding a safe container and witnessing us, our being will relax and open up much more compared to being along or in a group setting.

Contact Lindsay to inquire about private sessions at 970-819-3981 or

*In-person sessions available if you are in the Boulder, CO or Muskegon, MI area.


Since the age of six, Lindsay lived her entire life with a migraine.

From the ages of 6-19 she was put on 46 different drugs, all with their own costly side effects.  When she hit rock bottom at age 20, she made a choice to take the healing into her own hands and embarked on almost a decade of experimenting with holistic modalities.   After discovering Conscious Breathwork (circular-connected breathing) in India in 2016, she immediately signed up for a facilitator training. Within just 2 weeks of the training, the headaches disappeared.  She had a direct experience of everything she had been reading, that most of our suffering has an emotional root cause and how our mind starts to identify with pain. She believes it is her mission in this life to inspire a remembrance of our unlimited power and ability to heal ourselves.  She loves to travel, dance, snowboard, raft, get lost in nature, and experiment with breath technology.