Breath and Sound Mountain Retreat


July 11-14, 2019


$1875, all-inclusive


SunMountain Center, Manitou Springs, CO


Breathwork, Sound Healing, Live Music, Mineral Pools, Hiking, Cacao Ceremonies, High Vibe Vegan Food, and more.

Join this powerful healing collective for a four day deep dive at the special SunMountain retreat center in the mountains of Manitou Springs. Profound sacred space is held for the opportunity to connect with each other on a deeper level, activate higher brain centers for clarity and creativity, and to find balance within.  We will be utilizing the power of breath, sacred sound, music, mineral pools, movement, high vibe food, and nature to find balance within, allowing major transformations to reflect naturally in our reality.

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Inner Light Revival is led by a brother/sister duo who feel passionate about creating safe containers for authentic heart opening experiences that originate from within.  They facilitate various offerings that allow for a deep connection with self, others, and nature, which often results in deep healing and transformation. They have dedicated their lives to spreading the simple yet powerful method of Conscious Breathwork. Lindsay and Dan offer river and camping adventures to ignite a remembrance that we are one with nature, and that when we find peace and harmony within, our reality will align.

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 The High on Life School is about ecstatic Awakening to your soul aligned life, limitlessly expansive, with you as the conscious creator. It’s about finding out what you are really here on this amazing planet for, doing exactly what you want to, from a place of clarity and purpose, realizing that whenever you show up ALL the way authentically as yourself, following your heart, you are successful beyond imagination, while you don’t have to sacrifice integrity, or take advantage, control or win over anybody else.

Our team teaches you how to get raw and real, get the maximum out of life, while contributing and giving your absolute best - not because you should - but because you can’t help yourself, because in soul alignment, you are so dead on, so on track that giving your gift and receiving your gift is the SAME thing! There is no difference. You win - everybody wins.

Bridget and Bjorn carry the Cosmic Union Code - the sacred and perfect balance between the female and male energy.

Through merely being in their presence, people receive this information on a quantum level.


The High on Life School

“Working with Bridget and Bjorn was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
Thank you both for sharing your gifts with me. I’ll forever be changed”

- Angie, USA

"Bridget and Bjorn both have such powerful gifts spreading light and love into the hearts of so many. They have the ability to step back while the divine light and source works through them. Individually, they are examples of a divine balance between masculine and feminine energies on earth."

-Kali, USA

Bridget Lamers and Bjorn Leonards provide a very potent container for an incredible experience. Combine their mad skills with sound and energy, together with cacao and StarHouse ... crazy good! 

-Holly, CO, USA

“Thank you for a powerful, grace-filled evening  last night Bridget and Bjorn. Never in a sound journey have I felt so fully consumed and cocooned by the vibrations - it truly did feel cosmic. The love, care, and intention you both infuse is so palpable. I’m so happy I was finally able to experience your magic in this way. Much love and gratitude!! ❤️❤️❤️”

-Jennifer, CO, USA

Inner Light Revival

My first ever breath work/cacao ceremony was held by you in your home, and it was life changing! I had no idea that our breath is so powerful. I felt a big transformation throughout the evening. I cried, laughed, released, and healed. I can not wait to experience that again. Thank you so much for welcoming me and allowing me to be apart of this. I am so grateful for the experience and the connection and the friendships!

-Katie Anderson, Denver, CO

"I just did my first breathwork journey and I immediately felt the importance of this work.  Dan and Lindsay did an amazing job at setting things up, describing the process, and tending to any needs that anyone might have had. It felt like an incredibly nurturing space where i could relax, get out of my head, trust everything was taken care of, relax, breathe, and let my body do the work."

-Tom Bassett, Co-Founder at Nectar, Boulder, CO

Danny and Lindsay are excellent facilitators and wonderful human beings, who hold a beautiful space for people to do the deepest work. I love their gentle touch and fierce commitment to healing and inspiring through their breath-work journeys. I’ve been teaching breath-work, yoga, and meditation for over 10 years and I’m very impressed by their knowledge and capacity to create a loving and strong container. In addition to their facilitation, the breathing itself is super powerful and has helped me heal some deep wounds and move through some big emotions in a healthy way. If you are committed to personal growth and living into your full potential, I highly recommend experiencing their offerings!

 -Eric Gurmukh Klema, Boulder, CO

Dan and Lindsey are such beautiful, light, supportive beings on this earth. They are fulfilling their purpose by facilitating and holding space to empower their communities to heal themselves. The space they create is safe and sacred, and the lessons they channel in your moments of vulnerability will plant seeds of growth and wisdom for years to come.

-Rachel Slagh, Steamboat Springs, CO

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About SunMountain Center

Relax. Replenish.

SunMountain Center is a historic bed-and-breakfast and wellness and yoga retreat venue, featuring two historic homes in a natural environment for guests to delve further into their consciousness and practice through yoga, the arts, timeless teachings, and farm-to-table cuisine.

Be inspired. Experience bliss.

We invite you to experience the healing waters that make our location so unique; the life-giving Sun, the Earth, our native healing plants, and the practices of the indigenous cultures that have thrived on this land. SunWater Spa features mineral-water soaking in cedar tubs and offers spa treatments, and yoga, movement and meditation classes and events.


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SunWater Spa has one private and seven public cedar pools available for use. All eight of these tubs are filled with mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring; the same water which flows from the Manitou Karst aquifer. The health-giving waters from our aquifer filter through deep underground cracks, crevasses, and rock faults, infusing the water through its journey with the highly sought-after health granting minerals.

Using our array of solar panels, the water’s temperature is raised generally to between 100 to 104 degrees. As it heats, the cedar oil is extracted, first changing the color of the water to a yellow tint, sometimes followed by a rich, dark red. By drawing the oils out of the wood, SunWater Spa is essentially creating a cedar tea. This unique process introduces the soothing and healing properties of the cedar oil, promoting healthy skin, a soothed respiratory system, and an enjoyable, relaxing, and aromatic sensation.