Bali Experience

Join Inner Light Revival and Yaima for 6 days in the remote jungles of Bali, 30 minutes north of Ubud for deep healing and transformation.

Immerse yourself in the nurturing lush jungles of mother Bali, where you are truly held by the kindness of the Balinese people, and the vibrant nature surrounding you. While overlooking an expansive vista of mountains, jungle, and volcanos, our private boutique accommodations is the perfect setting to reset and connect deeply to self and nature. This retreat will offer an opportunity to heal all the way back to birth trauma, and uncover what is limiting you through the powerful breathwork practice of circular-connected breathing. This experience is extra special in that the world-renowned musicians of Yaima will be offering a sacred container of beautiful live music throughout the week, along with intimate workshops on creative expression. Outside of the deep inner transformative results of breathwork, we will have plenty of time to play, connect, and relax.

DATES: April 8-13, 2020

LOCATION: Heaven in Bali, Kerta, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 


Shared Room

Super Early Bird (2 spots) $1,400, Early Bird (3 spots) $1,600, Late Bird (3 spots) $1,800

Single Room

Super Early Bird (1 spot) $1,900, Early Bird (1 spot) $2,100, Late Bird (1 spot) $2,300

Master Suite

Early Bird (1 spot) $2,600, Late Bird (1 spot) $2,800

  • 2 conscious breathwork journeys with live music from Yaima

  • 1 underwater breathwork session — Info on wet rebirthing

  • Kundalini/Yin Yoga and live music with Gurmukh Klema

  • Waterfall trek in Sekumpul

  • Closing concert with Yaima

  • Ecstatic dance and intro to contact improv

  • Creative expression workshops with Pepper and Mas from Yaima

  • Medicine song journey and breathwork with Danae Shanti Thrive

  • High vibe vegan meals

An intimate 6 day journey with Yaima

Creating a finely tuned container for their audience, members- Masaru Higasa (Guitar, flutes, handpan) and Pepper Proud (guitar & vocals) weave an intricate and soothing musical journey... traversing soundscapes with a familiar yet ancient tune.

Conscious Breathwork with Inner Light Revival

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This specific technique called circular/connected breathing is a tool we all have within us to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. By breathing in a large amount of Pranic energy, blockages, traumas, and stress patterns on all levels can naturally release, healing issues at the root cause. It activates the pineal gland to help you journey into expanded states of consciousness to connect with your higher self, resulting in profound experiences of purpose and clarity. Breathwork done in water either floating face up or down is even more powerful for moving energy, accessing womb/birth trauma, and permeating the deeper mental patterns.

Even with no prior breathwork or meditation experience, you will drop into a deep trance state where the subconscious mind is accessed through the theta brain state. The latest research is showing that 95% of our reality is a reflection of our conditioned subconscious mind, which can only be accessed and re-patterned with specific modalities such as breathwork, hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, etc.

Many of top healers and researchers also believe that at least 90% of all pain and suffering has an emotional root cause in the form of a limiting belief and trapped energy. This breathwork technique creates a strong energetic current that allows this energy to be in motion again, healing conditions at the root cause instantaneously.

inner light revival breathwork retreats

Lindsay Balgooyen used this powerful breathing technique to heal her chronic migraines of 22 years after just a few sessions. She co-facilitates with her brother Dan Balgooyen, and they believe that our breath is one of the most effective healing tools available to us. They are passionate about creating heart-centered containers for us to recognize the light within through breath, music, and dance. They have trained under the Rebirthing lineage with Sondra Ray, Danae Shanti Thrive, Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris, and Chandra Andrea Polyak.  They are based in Boulder, CO.

Curious about Conscious Breathwork?

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April 8-13, 2020



I can’t say enough about the impact InnerLight Revival has offered me in the few short months I’ve found the workshops offered by Dan and Lindsay. The breathwork itself is a fundamental healing tool that has catapulted my self-discovery and brought me back into balance instantly. I will never turn dowm an oppurtunity to work with these incredibly compassionate, grounding healers that truly put the “light” in light-workers. Every event I have attended is curated with such powerful care and intention from the majestic locations, organic meals and nurturing faciliators to fully packed schedules with heart-opening activities that bring a deep sense of surrender and connection between all attendees ~ it’s all truly magic that I am so blessed to have found! Thank you!
— Noelle Mandolfo, Founder of Conscious Kitchen, Golden, CO
“I just did my first breathwork journey and I immediately felt the importance of this work. Dan and Lindsay did an amazing job at setting things up, describing the process, and tending to any needs that anyone might have had. It felt like an incredibly nurturing space where I could relax, get out of my head, trust everything was taken care of, relax, breathe, and let my body do the work.
— Tom Bassett, Co-Founder at Nectar, Boulder, CO


Heaven in Bali is located 35 minutes north of the spiritual mecca town of Ubud. It is nestled up high overlooking the Ayung River ravine, with vast views of the jungle valley and surrounding mountains. This private homestay is a true gem immersed in lush vegetation with natural spring water flowing through the property, providing some of the best drinking water in the world.

April is a perfect time to be in Bali, and at 2400ft above sea level, Heaven in Bali enjoys the benefit of a temperate climate perfect for swimming during the day and sleeping without AC at night. Temperatures range from 64F to 82F.

This family owned mountain homestay has been hosting retreats for 10 years, and have cultivated a staff they consider family. A trip to Bali is always made extra special by the loving and hospitable Balinese people.

DATES: Wed April 8, 2019 - Mon April 13, 2019

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Retreat Facilitators


Wednesday 4/3

12 Noon Arrival

3pm meet and greet with apps

5pm Dinner

7pm Opening Cacao Ceremony with Bonfire

Thursday 4/4

8am Yin Yoga

930am Breakfast

11am Creative Expression Workshop with Pepper from YAIMA

2pm Lunch

4pm Breathwork Journey w/ YAIMA Music

7pm Dinner

8pm Intro to Contact Improv/Ecstatic Dance w/ Trevor Pirtle & Amalya King

Friday 4/5   

8am Yoga

930am Breakfast

11am Play Time

1pm Lunch

3pm Breathwork Journey with YAIMA Live Music

7pm Dinner

8pm Ecstatic dance w/YAIMA Live Music

Saturday 4/6

Full day waterfall trek to Sekumpul waterfalls (Aahhmazing)

Sunday 4/7

8am Yin Yoga

930am Breakfast

11am Underwater Breathwork Journey

2pm Lunch

4pm Play time

7pm Dinner

830pm YAIMA Concert

Monday 4/8

8am Yoga

930am Breakfast

11am Closing Gratitude Ceremony w/ Integration

2pm-630pm Lunch and hang out until departures