What is Conscious Breathwork?


The most powerful healing tool within you

This specific type of breathing pattern called "circular" breathing is a tool we all have within us to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. By breathing in a large amount of  pranic energy, blockages and traumas on all levels will naturally release, some of which have been with us since birth. It activates the pineal gland to help you journey into altered states of consciousness. Unlike methods such as psychotherapy, figuring out the root cause is not necessary. 

subconscious reprogramming

 Uncover Limiting Beliefs HOLDINg you back

Studies show that we live 95% of the time in our subconscious mind and only 5% in our conscious mind. Our subconscious is just like a programmed computer, most of which is done before age 6. Scientists have proven that most of our beliefs, decisions, actions, and behaviors all stem from the subconscious. Which means to make a change in your physical reality you must use specific tools and techniques to access and re-pattern the subconscious.  

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Group Sessions

Conscious Breathwork workshops

Thurs Oct 17th | Breathwork Journey | Cultivated Healing | Boulder, CO | SIGN UP

Sun Oct 20th | Breathwork Journey w/ Live Music from YAIMA | The StarHouse | Boulder, CO | SIGN UP

Sun Nov 10th | Breathwork Journey w/ Ceremonial Cacao | SOL19 Yoga | Longmont, CO | SIGN UP


Private Session Package Options

1 Session: $125

10 Sessions: $1,130 ($113/session)

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To experience deep healing that will last it is highly recommended to follow through with the 10 session arc. The 10-session package includes customized processing and techniques to work with the specific patterns that are causing blocks and limitations. I also strongly suggest this option so you will be able to practice the technique on your own and be able to utilize this powerful self healing method for the rest of your life. One reason it is important to do 10 guided sessions before you practice on your own is because negative breathing mechanisms and emotional traumas can be reinforced instead of released when there is no one holding space when starting out. To truly release emotional blockages we must feel safe and supported and be assisted through other specific techniques to uncover whatever is hiding in our subconscious.  Access Bars is combined with the breathing if desired.  Fill out form below to schedule a session. 


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Summer 2019 Festivals

inner light revival breathwork retreats

Bali Spirit Fest with Yaima | March 24-31, 2019 | Ubud, Bali, Indonesia *Use promo code LINDSAYDANNY for $50 off!

Yoga on the Mountain | July 19-21, 2019 | Snowmass, CO

Arise with Yaima | August 2-4, 2019 | Loveland, CO

Steamboat Movement Fest | August 15-18, 2019 | Steamboat Springs, CO

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About aja rose (Lindsay Balgooyen) & Dan Balgooyen

Aja used this powerful breathing technique to heal her chronic migraines of 22 years. She co-facilitates with her brother Danny, and they believe that our breath is one of the most effective healing tools available to us. They are passionate about spreading this simple yet deeply transformative method, and hope to inspire others to realize their own innate healing potential. They have trained under the Rebirthing lineage with Sondra Ray, Danae Shanti, Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris, and Chandra Andrea Polyak.  They are based in Boulder, CO

Testimonials on Conscious Breathwork

eric Gurmukh klema boulder co

“Danny and Aja are excellent facilitators and wonderful human beings, who hold a beautiful space for people to do the deepest work. I love their gentle touch and fierce commitment to healing and inspiring through their breath-work journeys. I’ve been teaching breath-work, yoga, and meditation for over 10 years and I’m very impressed by their knowledge and capacity to create a loving and strong container. In addition to their facilitation, the breathing itself is super powerful and has helped me heal some deep wounds and move through some big emotions in a healthy way. If you are committed to personal growth and living into your full potential, I highly recommend experiencing their offerings!” -Eric Gurmukh Klema, Founder of Kundalini Yoga Connection, Boulder, CO

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"I have found the first few breathwork sessions to be incredibly powerful.  After my first session with Aja I was hooked.  I have already experienced benefits and can see the great potential for healing and personal growth."  -Jan Bradley, Steamboat Springs, CO


“I can't say enough about the impact InnerLight Revival has offered me in the few short months I've found the workshops offered by Dan and Aja. The breathwork itself is a fundamental healing tool that has catapulted my self-discovery and brought me back into balance instantly. I will never turn down an opportunity to work with these incredibly compassionate, grounding healers that truly put the "light" in light-workers. Every event I have attended is curated with such powerful care and intention from the majestic locations, organic meals and nurturing facilitators to fully packed schedules with heart-opening activities that bring a deep sense of surrender and connection between all attendees ~ it's all truly magic that I am so blessed to have found! Thank you!” -Noelle Mandolfo, Founder of Conscious Kitchen, Golden, CO


“The Conscious Breathwork I have done with Aja Rose has been life-changing. After more than half a century of anxiety and a warped relationship with time, the simple act of  breathing correctly is helping me live a more peaceful and present life.  And it's always available to me, always free. Lindsay's caring and compassionate way of teaching is gentle and effective; I am most grateful.” -Susan Mead, M.H. Certified Yoga and Essentrics Instructor, Herbalist and Author of Take Back Your Body. SusanEMead.com, Steamboat Springs, CO