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Subconscious Reprogramming 

subconscious reprogramming

The most powerful healing tool within you

This specific type of breathing pattern called "circular" breathing is a tool we all have within us to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. By breathing in a large amount of  pranic energy, blockages and traumas on all levels will naturally release, some of which have been with us since birth. It activates the pineal gland to help you journey into altered states of consiousness. Unlike methods such as psychotherapy, figuring out the root cause is not necessary. 

 Uncover Limiting Beliefs HOLDINg you back

Studies show that we live 95% of the time in our subconscious mind and only 5% in our conscious mind. Our subconscious is just like a programmed computer, most of which is done before age 6. Scientists have proven that most of our beliefs, decisions, actions, and behaviors all stem from the subconscious. Which means to make a change in your physical reality you must use specific tools and techniques to access and re-pattern the subconscious.  

Back 2 balance retreat

Lyons, CO | June 23rd-25th

inner light revival breathwork retreat

Heal at the Root Cause and Experience a Deep Connection with Self, Others, and Nature
Investment: $275, Ayurvedic meals, activities, lodging Included


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Back 2 Balance 6 Week Series for Chronic Pain, Depression, & Anxiety

innerlightrevival conscious breathwork

Heal at the root cause with Conscious Breathwork, an accelerated healing approach that uses an extremely powerful breathing technique called "Circular/Connected Breathing". It allows any emotional and energetic blockages, traumas, limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns, etc to naturally release. You will be guided into expanded states of consciousness where your intuition and clarity on your life's path can shine through. Learn other self healing techniques around uncovering core beliefs and re-patterning your subconscious mind with beliefs that create a reality of joy and peace.

Will include featured healers including Sound Healing with Gina Walker, Kundalini Yoga with Hiedi Peterson, and healing the root cause with Acupuncturist Frank Turano-Cutler.

6 Week Series - Summer '17 in Boulder, CO, TBA

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Conscious Breathwork Group Sessions




Dates TBA for Boulder and Steamboat Springs

Package Options

1 Session: $125

5 Sessions: $400 ($80/session)

8 Sessions: $600 ($75/session)

To experience deep healing that will last it is highly recommended to follow through with at least 8 sessions. I also strongly suggest this option so you will be able to practice the technique on your own and be able to utilize this powerful self healing method for the rest of your life. The reason it is important to do at least 8 guided sessions before you practice on your own is because negative breathing mechanisms can easily be reinforced instead of reversed. To truly release emotional blockages we must feel safe and supported and be assisted through other specific techniques to uncover whatever is hiding in our subconscious.


Conscious Breathwork and Sound Healing Combo


These two powerful techniques combined offer an even deeper healing experience.  Gina Walker uses tuning forks and sacred gongs to activate and support the bodies self regulating and healing mechanisms.  Sound travels very efficiently through water, which we are mostly composed of, and is able to permeate at a cellular level.  The tuning forks are placed on acupressure points and meridians in a specific order according to your needs.  By simultaneously doing the Conscious Breathwork, trapped energy is able to naturally release, taking the root cause of pain along with it.  


1 SESSION: $180

5 SESSIONS: $800 ($160/SESSION)

8 SESSIONS: $1200 ($150/SESSION)

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inner light revival


After suffering from chronic headaches for 22 years and trying what felt like everything out there, I finally found the answer. Not surprisingly, it came from inside me.  I believe that our breath (life-force) is the most powerful healing tool available, and that our reality is a reflection of our subconscious programming. Through releasing energetic blockages with the breath and reprogramming our subconscious mind with beliefs that support us, we can easily create a life of peace and happiness. 


What To Expect in a session


private sessions

It is important to have a trained facilitator guide and hold space for the first 8-10 sessions. After that you may practice on your own and move to water sessions, which are more powerful and take on average only 30 minutes. The first sessions will include:

  • Techniques to uncover hidden limiting core beliefs.
  • Guided meditation to reach theta brain state before starting the breathing. Theta is where the subconscious can be accessed.
  • Use of essential oils as a tool to intentionally reprogram certain beliefs and emotions. 
  • Breathwork session lasting 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Subconscious reprogramming tools and techniques. 
  • Solfeggio Frequency music
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Group sessions

  • Available for up to 12 people
  • Solfeggio Frequency music
  • Guided theta brain state meditation
  • Essential oils

Questions?  Email Lindsay at 


Testimonials on Conscious Breathwork

"Breathwork has fundamentally changed the way I live my life.  No only was my first session with Lindsay the most intense energetic experience I have ever had, but I came out of it with incredibly valuable insight into the way my emotions and thoughts are shaped by my unconscious mind and my past experiences.  Lindsay's unique approach to breathwork combines intimate guidance through traditional circular breathing techniques and aromatic pairings to create new neural associations that can be integrated into everyday activities.  Her recommendations were incredibly easy to integrate into my daily routine to achieve positive growth and change.  I would recommend this to anyone and everyone and am looking forward to further sessions." -Jacob McCoola, Portland, OR

inner light revival


"I have found the first few breathwork sessions to be incredibly powerful.  After my first session with Lindsay I was hooked.  I have already experienced benefits and can see the great potential for healing and personal growth."  -Jan Bradley, Steamboat Springs, CO

The Conscious Breathwork I have done with Lindsay Balgooyen has been life-changing. After more than half a century of anxiety and a warped relationship with time, the simple act of  breathing correctly is helping me live a more peaceful and present life.  And it's always available to me, always free. Lindsay's caring and compassionate way of teaching is gentle and effective; I am most grateful.

-Susan Mead, M.H. Certified Yoga and Essentrics Instructor, Herbalist and Author of Take Back Your Body.

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